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Seasons on the Farm

Everything we grow is organic and seasonal. 

Our organic Stevenson cranberries produce a large, deep red fruit that thrives in Oregon’s naturally acidic, wet soil. We choose to fresh-pick our berries as opposed to wet harvesting, giving our customers versatility to use the fruits however they choose – in jams, jellies, sauce, pies, juice, and more! Peak harvest season is mid-October through early November. 




We grow organic Chandler blueberries – a variety that produces the largest, plumpest berries in the world. This high-bush variety has a long ripening season and reaches peak harvest mid-July through the second week of August. Personally, we love our berries straight from the bush, but fully approve of them in any form – scones, pancakes, smoothies, and more! 

Growing wildly throughout our property, you’ll find loads of delicious Lobster mushrooms. These reddish-orange fungi are delicious sautéed, roasted, dehydrated… virtually any traditional mushroom cooking method brings out their light, seafood-like flavor. Each year, we spread more spores to increase our yield, and harvest season peaks throughout July. 



Lobster Mushrooms

Much like their cranberry and blueberry cousins, Aronia berries (also known as “chokeberries”) love acidic Oregon soil and deliver a wide range of health benefits, ranging from powerful antioxidant levels to diverse vitamins and minerals, like zinc, magnesium, iron, and vitamins C, B, and K. With a natural astringency, these berries sweeten up when cooked or baked, but are also excellent on their own in juices, wines, salads, jams, and more! We harvest our nearly 1,200 Aronia berry plants primarily in the last few weeks of August. 

Aronia Berries

Our orchard of over 500 trees is one of the last remaining commercial chestnut operations on the Oregon coast. The Italian chestnut variety that we grow is native to Europe and thrives in this area’s cooler temperatures. Reaching over 30 meters in height, our trees are all around 30 years old and reach peak harvest in late October.

Animals on the Farm

In addition to produce, we raise over 40 sheep – Coopworth-Romney crossbreeds – for meat and wool. 


Birthing season hits in late March, when we welcome several sets of lamb twins to the flock. We also have five chickens – a variety of Blue Laced Wyandottes, New Jersey Giants and Rhode Island Reds – whose eggs we use for personal consumption. 


Other farm critters include our dog (Bella), two cats (Annie and Hugo), otters, bobcats, swallows, red-tailed hawks, swallows, bald eagles, and the occasional feral WWOOFer. 

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