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Black Moon Farms


Sustainable Organics on the Oregon Coast

Black Moon Farms is a large, 70-acre, organic farm situated just a mile from the incredibly scenic Oregon coast. Our primary crops are cranberries and blueberries, however, we grow a variety of responsibly raised fruits, vegetables, herbs, chestnuts, and mushrooms, too. The farm is certified organic by Oregon Tilth and deeply committed to creating and maintaining a diverse, sustainable ecosystem. 


In addition to fruits and veggies, our farm is home to about 44 grazing sheep, five chickens, two farm cats, and Bella the farm dog, who keep us on our toes and play important roles in making the farm run smoothly. 


Black Moon Farms also participates in World Wide Organization of Organic Farmers (WWOOF) programs and regularly hosts volunteers from all over the world to help out with chores and learn about farm life in exchange for room and board – meaning lots of fresh coffee, family-style dinners, and diverse conversation with new friends!

Core Values


We are always grateful and humbled to serve our customers.



We seek to evolve and move forward, constantly challenging the status quo.



We conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and trust.



We operate with transparency and honest communication.



We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of sustainability, community, and stewardship.



We treat everyone with respect, all the time, no exceptions.



We take ourselves seriously, but know how to have fun!​

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Aronia Berries

Visit the Farm


Tentrr's Signature Sites put camping within reach of everyone. Each site is a ready-to-go camping adventure, completely set up and waiting for your arrival. Less roughing it. More enjoying it. That’s what Tentrr is all about.

Enjoy our coastal Oregon Camping experience with the Black Moon Farms Cranberry Overlook. 

Please do: Ask for a guided tour of the property, take photos, tell us if you’d like to help out with daily chores, check out the nearby beach and ocean access.

To learn and see more photographs, visit our Tentrr website.


Work on the Farm


"This was our first time doing WWOOF and the experience exceeded our expectations. Nick is not only passionate about his farm but also very personable and genuinely enjoys getting to know his WWOOFers. My two friends and I stayed in the RV, which was spacious and clean. There was a TV and wifi and everything we needed to live comfortably. Nick was also very accommodating when it came to food, always asking us what we wanted. The farm itself is incredibly beautiful, well maintained, and his German Shepard and cats were great company. I would highly recommend Black Moon Farms to other WWOOFers."

- Aibai Tarrant & Emily Hartung, July 2019

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm


86814 Sydnam Lane 
Bandon, Oregon 97411

Tel: 925-998-8845

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